BaselWorld 2012 - Travel Report
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BaselWorld 2012 – Behind the scenes travel report on the show

BaselWorld 2012, we did a small photo report on our travel to BaselWorld this year. It gives a few nice ‘behind the scene’ views about our visit to the BaselWorld exhibition place, visiting brands, discussing watches with people from the watch industry and of course.. some spare time activities.

BaselWorld 2012

Instead of posting picture here on Fratellowatches, we used our Facebook page instead. So, visit for dozens of BaselWorld travel report photos! Make sure to click Like on the main page :)

Bert Buijsrogge

Bert Buijsrogge

Bert Buijsrogge is co-owner of Fratello Watches and his focus is on haute photography. Bert Buijsrogge has worked in the real-estate business for 15 years and combined his passion for watches and photography over the years. He became famous for his watch photography and created the famous Rolex watch calendars for a few years. Most of the photos seen on Fratello Watches are made by Bert.
Bert Buijsrogge
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