Blancpain Caliber 66R9

A Manufacture Calibre In Need of a Better Home

At Baselworld 2009, Blancpain introduced its new L-evolution series, including the L-evolution Moon Phase, shown below in steel and red gold.?Ǭ† Now although I am not the biggest fan of this watch because I think the dial is way too busy and cluttered (you can partially see the other days/months and the roman numerals seem too big), it does have a very impressive movement inside – the Blancpain Calibre 66R9 moon phase movement.

Blancpain Caliber 66R9

The Calibre 66R9 is an automatic with 8 days of power reserve and full calender/moonphase.?Ǭ† Blancpain is particularly proud of this movement because it is entirely developed, produced and assembled in-house by Blancpain’s movement construction engineers and master watchmakers.

Blancpain Calibre 66R9
Automatic movement with 8 days of power reserve and full calender/moonphase

Blancpain Caliber 66R9

Blancpain Caliber 66R9

According to Blancpain “Equipped with three barrels, this movement is endowed with an impressive 8-day power reserve. Nonetheless, the most significant efforts have been devoted to the heart of the movement: the balance and spring assembly. In order to optimise the regularity of rate of the oscillating organ, Blancpain has opted for a flat balance-spring ?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú ensuring perfect isochronism ?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú and a titanium balance. While extremely hard to machine, titanium features several decisive advantages: first of all, it is far less sensitive to changes in temperature than traditional alloys, meaning it does not dilate when subjected to heat; secondly, it is far lighter and thus less energy-consuming; and finally, it is antimagnetic”. Also, The date, day, month and moon phases on the Calibre 66R9 can be corrected at any time of day or night ?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú including around midnight ?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú an operation that would normally be liable to damage the mechanism if performed near the date-change time.

Here’s a short video that Blancpain produced to give you a good tour of the new Calibre 66R9 and some of its key features:

If Blancpain would improve the dial design as I mentioned above I think this could make for a great watch with a high-powered manufacture movement.

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  1. Evert Reply

    Could not agree more: Cool movement, horrible dials….

  2. Kristian Haagen Reply

    Horrid is not the word. I’ve said it before and don’t mind repeating it: Blancpain is designing horrible dials these days and I bt JC Biver is not proud where ‘his’ former brand is going. Blancpian current design team is maing their luxury watches look cheap. And this IMHO is a very very bad idea,

  3. Kyle Reply

    Thanks for your comments Evert and Kristian.

    As you know it is not just this watch – the entire L-evolution collection is in need of some serious dial help!

  4. Filip Jacmans Reply

    Agree, what is up with those testosterone-filled dials? We aren’t all bikers and motorcycle freaks. What happened to Blancpain’s hallmark…balance, subtlety, understatement but perfection? I hope that it’s not a pressure from the Swatchgroup that is forcing them in blurring the lines with other sportstyle-makes…it would be such a shame to lose their identity!

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