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Omega Constellation Addicts

Desmond started a blog for Constellation enthusiasts… A very nice and helpful blog if you are on the look-out for a vintage Constellation. I have had several, and I agree that they are very nice and ‘classic’. However, too small for me (around 34mm) and spare parts are hard to get. My last Constellation had to wait over half a year for a stupid ‘gear’.

Anyway, enjoy the Omega Constellation blog by Desmond.

Above Constellation used to be my own and is dated approx 1955, Omega caliber 501, ros?© gold hour markers and stainless steel case.

Omega Constellation Addicts


  1. Chris Reply


  2. desmond Reply


    Thanks a million for mention my site on your blog, for which you deserve at least ten heavenly credits, or four heavenly credits after tax!

    Much appreciated Regards Desmond

  3. Robert-Jan Reply

    No problem Desmond. I have a weak spot for Constellations (vintage or new).


  4. georges zaslavsky Reply

    I like desmond blog a lot, very informative and accurate.

  5. Leroy Reply

    Beautiful looking Omega Constellation vintage.

  6. tim mackrain Reply

    This is tim “omega_addict”
    For some reason desmond felt the need to go after me about a watch I sold and has said quite a bit of misleading things about me and what I do.
    I give the customer what they ask for.
    I do outstanding work on all original and restored constellations with all nos original parts if that is what is asked of me.
    I pride myself on the work I do and the huge store of original omega parts I have on hand such as the gear you speak of.I have every gear for that constellation new nos in the omega package.
    Is the gear one in the automatic winding bridge?
    The most common gear failure on this type movement
    Very hard to find,I have over a dozen of them new nos omega and could have had your watch back to you in short order.

    Please do not judge me on one watch and what desmond has said.Judge me after I have worked for you or you have talked to me on the phone 602-795-8894.
    I even whent as far as to help desmond with information free of charge to make his site better for the watch buyer even after what he said about me personaly.
    Information on reasons for color changes in omega movements,he leaves out a lot of information.
    The number one reason for this is not parts being changed it is caused by cleaning fluids and residue left by them.
    A movement can have 2,3 shades of color and be all original.
    Information on refinished dials and soldering.
    He clames glue used to hold hour markers can cause calendar problems.But leaves out it could be the wrong adhesive was used.You have to know what to use and the properties of certain adhesives.The same way a movement is oiled,several oils are used because there properties differ.
    He claims solder will damage refinished dials but leaves out the fact there are 2 types of solder used
    A “hard” solder,this is the one that will damage paint even on an original dial.Mainly used to apply the dial feet.The second is called a “soft” solder and use to apply hour markers,this will not damage paint refinished or original if done right.
    This is just to point out ther is much more to the story.
    It would seem that if he wants people to get the best deal on a watch information about them should be researched fully.

    I feel I have been unfairly bashed on his site with comments that do not hold true to who I am and how much I care about my work and customers

    By the way “Beautiful constellation” That’s what an original should look like
    Many people do not know those are solid 18k rose gold hour markers,best of the best!
    Thank you for your time

  7. tim mackrain Reply

    Please forgive the errors,I just did the proof read after I sent

  8. Tim mackrain Reply

    It’s been almost a year since my last comment here .Desmond and I have cleared up any issues that he first posted about me .It all worked out fine now I try and send him some good pictures or info for his site when I can .


  9. george chavez Reply

    i need a setting lever spring set bridge for an omega 560 do you have one available thanks GEORGE

  10. Harrie Morshuis Reply

    I am looking for srew on pins, which holds the strap to the watch.
    My watch is an OMEGA constellation; ACIER, INOXYDABLE, 196.1070.

    Looking forward hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,

  11. Felipe Becerra Reply

    es un hermoso reloj

  12. Chate Reply

    Do you want to sell this watch? Regards,

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