52Mondayz and Baselworld 2017

A big thank you to many of my Facebook friends who took the effort to help me choose. I’ll explain why I couldn’t choose just one watch to wear at Baselworld below. These are the watches I’ll wear during the most important watch-week of the year; mainly 😉

A watch for all occasions

During Baselworld it’s just not possible to wear one watch throughout the whole week. Just as one changes clothes and shoes for different occasions, I have to change my watch as well. Photo shoots, press conferences, interviews, presentations, cocktails, dinners, after-party’s – there’s just not one outfit which can do the job. So there’s not such watch as one watch for all occasions as well.

Made in The Netherlands

The general idea of wearing vintage watches appeals to me, so that’s what I’ll mainly do. And, although I’m absolutely not chauvinistic,  I would have loved to wear an interesting watch ‘Made in The Netherlands’ as well. It appears however that I just don’t have one at hand or available at the moment. Grönefeld, Holthinrichs, Fred Dingemans, probably Christiaan van der Klaauw… Where are you!?

Vintage and neo-classic

What I bring will be vintage and neo-classic watches. I’ll bring to Basel a Rolex Day-Date ref 1803 on a leather strap (originally delivered like this), an Omega Speedmaster Professional ref 3570 (for Tuesday), and a King Seiko ref 5626-7113.


And… I always need to bring an oddball to Basel as well. Of course Baselworld for us at Fratello Watches is mainly about serious mechanical watches. However some, even many, of us have a weak spot for digital quartz watches with a twist. Besides my Apple Watch, which I don’t consider a watch but a very handy electronic information device on my other wrist, from time to time I love to wear something out of the ordinary.

Although most of the digital quartz watches I ow are Casio G-Shocks, this year I’ll bring a Citizen Promaster Hyper Aqualand. And then no less than the first one with ‘professional’ diving functions, like a quick decent alarm. With the use of a special docking station and a serial connection it could be connected to a MS-Windows personal computer. Then it was able to store and review data like dive duration, depth, water temperature, etc. Awesome! 🙂

Coverage of Baselworld 2017

So that’s it for now. At the moment this 52Mondayz is being published I’ll be on my way to Basel. Stay tuned to our website here to be informed about this years show as things are happening, and long thereafter. As well keep an eye on our Instagram account at instagram.com/fratellowatches – we will publish as much as time alow us.