As much as they have watches here (fake and real), a little is the number of internet cafes in Beijing.

To stay on the watch topic. It seems that Omega is the watch brand in Beijing instead of what I though, Rolex. In the main shopping centre (I will come up with the difficult name later on (Note: Wangfujing is the name of the street)), there are a lot of watch stores, including an Omega store. The personel didn’t speak Englisg, so I just looked around. They seem to have the hots for the Constellation in particular. That’s also a model which can be found (fake) at a lot of wrists here.

Vacheron & Constantin is marketing their watches here big time as well. They seem to have a large deal in the TimeCity store I visited in Beijing. I have to get used to some Chinese habits though, as I was checking out some Vacheron models, the sales lady behind the counter spitted a few times in a bucket next to her. Seems to be normal here. Having curled hair is also a weird thing here it seems, people can’t stop staring at my hair 🙂

Anyway, back to the hotel. Time for dinner. I will do a larger report on watches in Beijing when I am back. Brands like Titoni seem to do quite well here, Rolex look-a-like watches for just a fraction of the price. Fakes can be bought everywhere, but I haven’t seen very well crafted fakes yet. And the one thing that amazes me most… I haven’t seen a Seiko yet.

All the best and till soon!!