As much as they have watches here (fake and real), a little is the number of internet cafes in Beijing.

To stay on the watch topic. It seems that Omega is the watch brand in Beijing instead of what I though, Rolex. In the main shopping centre (I will come up with the difficult name later on (Note: Wangfujing is the name of the street)), there are a lot of watch stores, including an Omega store. The personel didn’t speak Englisg, so I just looked around. They seem to have the hots for the Constellation in particular. That’s also a model which can be found (fake) at a lot of wrists here.

Vacheron & Constantin is marketing their watches here big time as well. They seem to have a large deal in the TimeCity store I visited in Beijing. I have to get used to some Chinese habits though, as I was checking out some Vacheron models, the sales lady behind the counter spitted a few times in a bucket next to her. Seems to be normal here. Having curled hair is also a weird thing here it seems, people can’t stop staring at my hair 🙂

Anyway, back to the hotel. Time for dinner. I will do a larger report on watches in Beijing when I am back. Brands like Titoni seem to do quite well here, Rolex look-a-like watches for just a fraction of the price. Fakes can be bought everywhere, but I haven’t seen very well crafted fakes yet. And the one thing that amazes me most… I haven’t seen a Seiko yet.

All the best and till soon!!

  • Bas

    RJ, I don’t know much about Chinese culture, but I do know that the Chinese don’t get along very well with the Japanese. Maybe that’s the reason they don’t buy Seiko. What about other Japanese products, like Sony and Toyota?

  • James

    I’m based in HK so I travel to China quite a bit…and yes indeed Omega seems to be the main brand in China, with boutiques and stores in most major cities. Funny thing is you’ll find brands you don’t normally find in malls as well…for example in the main department store in Nanjing, I saw both a JLC boutique AND an AP boutique on the first floor…needless to say they are not doing very well.

    Also, Seiko does not seem to have a strong presence in China, whereas Citizen is much more common, as are Timex’s. Anyhow, hope you’re enjoying your trip…how are the prices?

  • Robert-Jan Broer

    @ Bas:

    That’s the weird thing 🙂 They have Japanese digital equipment and Japanese cars all over the place 🙂


    Watches were almost the same price as in Europe, maybe a few tens off or on.