Alexander the Juweler

Robert-Jan Broer
January 17, 2005
Alexander the Juweler

I live in a small village near The Hague called Voorburg. There are a few shoppingcenter’s nearby and one of them has a jeweler called Alexander. This shoppingcenter isn’t anything special, on the contrary. The only good thing is that it has two large supermarkets and a shop where they sell about every watchmagazine there is. So, for serious shopping I go to The Hague. However, my girlfriend has some shops in the shoppingcenter which she really likes, so everytime I join her, I try to peek around at the jewelers who are located there. Alexander is one of them. Most of the brands they sell there are not my cup of tea, Tag Heuer, Rado, Longines, Montblanc etc. The only thing that have my attention are the Montblanc pens in the window. I tried a Montblanc watch once there, and I decided that I should stick with their pens only. The last time I was there, it was for a bracelet for my girlfriend (we didn’t buy anything, they had nothing for her small wrists). Anyway, when I was there the last time, I glanced at the seller’s (Alexander himself) wrist and noticed his Rolex GMT-Master II. Great watch, I had the GMT-Master for quite a while. However, this made me think about Alexander and the collection he sells.

The fact that he wears a watch that he doesn’t sell is something you can think about. He surely tells by wearing this watch that he rather wears a Rolex than a watch from his own selling collection. Has he more ‘faith’ in Rolex than in the brands he is selling? I think there are a lot of customers who are looking for a watch who will ask what the seller himself is wearing (at least I do) and ask about their opinions/arguments. This isn’t the case for jewelers who also sell occasions and who do grey-import, but this isn’t the case.

Ofcourse, maybe watches are his hobby and this is just one of his watches. Could be. But I still rather saw him wearing a watch from the collection he sells. I just feel that wearing a Rolex in your store where you sell Longines, Rado, Montblanc, Tag Heuer is showing contempt towards these brands.

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