And now it's really getting interesting…!

Gerard Nijenbrinks
April 01, 2005
And now it's really getting interesting…!

Totally in the back of hall 5.1, let’s say even behind the row which you think is the last one, is the booth of Pierre DeRoche (thanks for the tip Ernie Romers of; I wouldn’t have found it myself).

Pierre DeRoche is owned by Pierre Dubois, a brother of the Dubois in Dubois Depraz. He invented a chronograph which indicates all chronograph functions in one single register (at the six o’clock position.

Chronograph Concentrique

Brilliant! A hughe watch though, which has something to show behind the glass back. Exclusive movement, of course produced by Dubois Depraz. Visit their website at and I’m afraid chances are big you want one. Tomorrow I’ll have an interview with Mr. Dubois, and by then I will have price information available as well.



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