And that was 2006. A¬†year full of interesting watches and interesting events regarding watches and the watch¬†’scene’. A lot of new watch sites, blogs and even new magazines.¬†The latest one, Watch Lounge, just arrived in my mail box (thanks Elmar and¬†Marcus!) and I am really¬†impressed by the quality of it! I¬†also think the quality of the¬†existing watch magazines, websites and forums has increased.¬†Nothing to complain about anymore! Horological events are being held regulary in places all over the world, and where it had been a simple diner or lunch in the past, today also the manufacturers of watch brands are showing up. They seem to appreciate (commercial agenda or not) the effort of us, watch fanatics, to show the love for their brand and work.

Also thanks for all regular visitors of Fratello! More and more visitors every day. I hope you still enjoy reading my short pieces of news, links and sometimes, long winded rants.

Hope to see you back in 2007!! Have a nice 2006 exit party and I wish you all the best for 2007!