Regrets, I have a few, but then again, too few to mention.. One of them is selling my PAM00113, the Panerai Luminor Marina with a white dial. Not a regret because of the white dial, but because the fun I had with the watch. The large size makes it a fun watch to look at and the number of straps you can buy and change should be considered as a separate hobby! Just when I thought I was going to add another Rolex to the collection, I noticed this PAM00000 (Panerai Luminor Base with OP logo printed on the dial) on a Dutch watch portal. I emailed and phoned with the seller, and the deal was done. Last satuday, I picked it up and I can tick off one regret from the (short) list.

As I wrote above, it is a PAM00000 or PAM Luminor Base Logo and it has been produced in 2007. The J-serial number is engraved on the back and properly filled in on the warranty card (stamped by a Dutch official dealer). There are 900 made of this type of watch for 2007. The movement is called the OP I which is actually a modified Eta/Unitas 6497 movement. The movement is therefore about the least interesting feature of this watch 😉 Panerai is about history, large watches and changing straps!

I changed the original OEM calf strap to this OEM Croco strap I bought over a year ago for my PAM00113, which I didn’t include when sellin it. Probably knowing I would get myself a Panerai again in the future!

All-in-all, 2007 is a nice horological year for me! Getting myself a Rolex Yacht-Master in stainless steel/platinum and this Panerai Luminor Base Logo, I do not complain at all!! I guess I will be saving up for that Nautilus or Royal Oak Jumbo a bit longer now..

  • Martijn

    Congrat RJ! A very “pure” choice! Can you also post a picture of your YM?

  • Robert-Jan Broer

    Thanks Martijn. Here is a picture of my earlier acquired Yacht-Master:


  • Martijn

    Thanks RJ! Always a pleasure to see a YM on somebodies wrist. I really like the “all white metal”-look of the YM, subbtle accented by the red writing and seconds hand.

  • stanley

    always a fantastic watch.I envy you.
    Wear it in good health.

  • Jay Kaye

    how did you know that only 900 were made?

  • Jay,

    All (current) Panerais are numbered. Mine is 163 from 900. On the following web site you can find an overview of Panerai watches (references), their production year (like A=1998, B=1999, C=2000…. J=2007) and the number of watches each year/model that is being produced.


  • Scott

    Nice Base Robert. Enjoy!