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At least Zenith succeeded in making their watches more ugly then before. Thank you Nataf, for ruining such a nice historic brand. Good job.

Thanks to Jorge Merino for publishing it on TimeZone. All credits go to him.

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His latest news on Rolex might interest you. The new GMT-Master II is there. New dial, new movement.

Photo by Gerard

Hannes at “Das Rolex Forum” posted this presskit photo:

  • Martijn

    You have to give Nataf some credit; this is by far the most useless chronograph ever produced in Swiss watch history! An excellent display of how not to use one of the most beautifull chronograph movements in the world. Can anybody read the subdials on this one?

  • Shawn

    What in the world are they thinking at Zenith?? Perhaps, “Hublot has the corner on the ugly chonograph market and we need a slice of that pie”

    Good luck Zenith getting out of this mess.


  • Robert-Jan

    Hahaha. LOL! Indeed, this chronograph could be presented as “Even the bigger Bang”.

  • georges zaslavsky

    Nataf is on drugs. Since he is ceo of the zenith, I have never seen so much useless torubillon, women watches with heart on dials and many useless watches. Not to mention that the prices of the zenith have risen like whoa. Nataf ruined zenith’s image.

  • Michael

    Is discussing watches for you only about beautiful or ugly? Zenith is more succesful in selling watches then they have ever been. Especially the new Defy models are pre-sold very well, as I hear from a safe source. So Mr. Nataf seems not to be that crazy. I think particularly the Xtreme is one of the most original and well-designed additions to the Swiss watch industry in recent history.


  • In fact, yes it is. I don’t care about how well a watch will sell or not. I care more about history and ‘esthetics’ of a brand or watch. Last week I noticed a Zenith El Primero Rainbow om someone’s wrist and I was very close on commenting something on it like “Nice Zenith. A watch from an era where they still made no-nonsense models”. In a way, Nafy earns respect in selling the quantity of boxes as he does. But as a watch collector, I couldn’t care less about production and sales numbers. Collecting watches to me is about shapes, movements, materials, details and craftmanship. The current Zenith models just don’t make sense to me. Design and history wise. They are clearly being crafted to fit the current hype(s) and to move as much boxes as possible. Personally, I prefer watches with a timeless design. To each his own.

  • Michael

    OK, but the Defy series is not the only line Zenith produces. Have a look at the classical Chronomaster line (the new Grande Chronomaster Grande Date looks very good!) and the ‘less is more’ Class series that are of timeless beauty to me. Even the Port Royal is, although more modern, one of the best rectangular shaped high end watches. And if there is one brand that is about ‘shapes, movements, materials, details and craftsmanship’, it’s Zenith. One of the nice things about the brand is that not everybody knows it (yet…).


  • No doubt Zenith is moving towards designs that breaks away from the classic. It is attempting to attract the masses and commercialize their brand and designs.