I saw this one popping up at my GoogleAds on the right of this page and the text made me curious. “You’ll be repairing in a few hours. Makes a great home business.” If you want to get beat-up by angry customers maybe…

Becoming a watchmaker by watching videos how it should be done… 5 Videos for 99 USD. I don’t know about this one.. ..I think I would rather give my 99 USD to my watchmaker when something should be done.

Click here for the website.

Harvey at the workshop :-)

  • David Paton

    I am writing a book about how eye doctors operate and want to know if watchmakers ever use a microscope rather than a one-eyed loupe for magnification. It would be very helpful to know if the watch has to be at shoulder level or using a microscope permits a sitting position and the use of two eyes, and so forth. Thank you very much for whatever you can tell me about this fascinating skill of watchmakers.