MB&F Legacy No 2 – The Dual Regulator

Maximilian Büsser and Friends did it again! Surprising the fans of haute horlogerie with their second release in the MB&F Legacy collection. The Legacy is MB&F's answer to the following question: What type of timepiece would Max Büsser create when he was born 100 years earlier, i.e. 1867 instead of 1967. Click here to read the full article

MB&F – Photo Essay Of The MB&F Legacy No 1

We are sure you are familiar with the wonderful Horological Machines from Maxi Büsser & Friends that we've reported about so often in the past. Futuristic timepieces that could easily play a role in the blockbuster Transformers. It wouldn't surprise us if you'd find your HM3 or HM4 transformed in a miniature robot some day.Perhaps that is also a reason not to buy a MB&F timepiece for some people. Too futuristic, wild or out-of-the-box. "Beautiful, but not on my wrist". Founder Maximilian Büsser heard you. He created the MB&F Legacy No 1, a timepiece that could easily have its roots early 1900s. He wanted to create a classic round watch, but with the typical MB&F edge to it.