DRSD Winter Passion – Pictures online!

Dale Vito
March 02, 2008
DRSD Winter Passion – Pictures online!

As RJ wrote earlier we had quite a nice meeting a few weeks ago. Finally the pictures made by professional photographer Igor made it to the ‘net 🙂 ! Please click the link below to see all the nices people and watches that were present.


Here’s yours truly trying to capture the beauty of the new GMT-master, one of which is two-tone and DLC’d… Can you spot Fratello?


Watch of the Week
The story behind Hyperion Ocean 600m
Brand of the Month
Artisans de Genève: La Barrichello
Rubens Barrichello and Artisans de Genève, present “La Barrichello”
Rubens Barrichello
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Podcast: Fratello On Air – Episode 3
Talking about the sense and non-sense of Limited Editions


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