Source: Europastar

The COMCO Suisse (Commission of Competition) has given its verdict in the litigation that opposed companies specializing in the assembling, enhancement and finishing of ETA’s movement kits, and the Swatch Group that wanted to stop delivering un-assembled parts. Noting that the Swatch Group held a ‘dominating position’ in this sector, the COMCO ordered ETA to continue its deliveries until 2010, leaving 6 years to the various companies to develop new supply sources for kits and basic mechanical movements. This decision, which seems to suit both parties, has delighted companies such as Sellita and Jaquet SA, who alone assemble several million movements a year and supply some 150 watchmaking companies, most of which are prestigious names within the industry. The diversity of the offer is therefore assured for the years to come. As to the supply sources for movements, logically, they must multiply between now and the fatal date of 2010.