Everybody loves custom-made stuff, right? Because it makes you feel special and unique. When you put a bespoke strap in the leather and color of your liking, with just the ride shade of stitching that matches the details on the dial  ̶  or your favorite pair of shoes for that matter  ̶  on your coveted watch, it will provide instant “joie de vivre”. But waiting for custom stuff is never fun. That’s why Genteel Handmade now offers ready-to-wear watch straps that combine almost instant satisfaction with that simmering long-lasing sensation that only custom-made can give.

You would think that watch lovers are the most patient people in the world. They know the meaning of time and how to deal with it. But not all watch enthusiasts are the same. And while some won’t mind waiting for weeks for their bespoke watch strap, some like time to move a little faster when it comes to getting a new strap for their watch. That said, they want speed but also want the artisanal quality; two opposites that almost never match. Almost, because Genteel Handmade decided to mix and match superior handmade quality with speedy availability.

Genteel Handmade Now Offers Ready-To-Wear Watch Straps

Genteel Handmade saves time in different areas of the production and delivery process. As a customer, you don’t have to spend hours to find the type of leather you want, the color you like, the stitching you prefer, and somehow get it all to work aesthetically in a strap. No, Genteel Handmade does that for you. The company produces some of the most wanted custom strap configurations from the past and offers them in a ready-to-wear collection. By doing so they can now offer a much faster delivery time without compromising the quality. We’re talking a maximum of three days instead of weeks.


A custom look is ready to wear

The materials Genteel Handmade use in the Ready-to-Wear watch strap collection are extremely resistant and the color combinations will match a wide variety of timepieces. And all straps on offer show real “savoir-faire”. The calf straps come in blue, black, and cognac and they show matching stitching and a waterproof lining.

It’s the first time Genteel Handmade uses Cordura…

The brand-new sturdy Cordura watch straps are built to last. Cordura is a nylon material that is extremely durable, water-resistant, and abrasion-resistant. It’s the first time Genteel Handmade uses Cordura, a material Omega for instance uses on some of its diving watches. By the way, in the near future Genteel Handmade is planning to create a collection of Cordura Omega-Style deployant straps; a perfect match with the Omega folding clasp.

A selection of evergreens

The uniqueness and personality of a mass-produced product are zero. And that’s why Genteel Handmade makes every strap by hand. When you design it yourself in the comfort of your own home and go through hundreds of possibilities, George, who’s the owner and craftsman of Genteel Handmade, will make it. Not too long ago we introduced Genteel Handmade here on Fratello when it was still doing bespoke straps only.

To cut a long story short, we liked them because of their high-quality look and feel. Now George (re)creates (your) evergreens. And once you have one of these ready-to-wear straps on the wrist, it will give you that same “je ne sais quoi” flair and uniqueness his custom creations do. Have a look at the collection, availability and price on the Genteel Handmade website.

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