Last saturday I went to the Sinn dealer near my home (and also the only one in The Netherlands) and tried the Sinn 142 St.S on. It is the black version, which is similar to the one that Reinhard Furrer (1940-1995) wore on the D-1 Spacelab mission. He wore a Sinn 140, which is the same as the 142 but lacking the 24h-feature. Another cool fact (for me) is that Wubbo Ockels (a Dutch astronaut) was also on this mission, a few years ago I exchanged mails with him about the watch he wore on his mission.

Below you see the entire STS-61A / D-1 crew, including Reinhard Furrer wearing his Sinn. Wubbo Ockels is the second from left. He wore a Seiko 100M Sportschrono by the way, which he still has.

Photo by NASA

Not an everyday watch, but the black finish on the bracelet and case and the Lemania 5100 movement inside make it a bit of a ‘specialty’ in my collection. So I bought it! After wearing it for about 2 days I can tell you that I really love it and can see why people are so enthousiastic about Sinn.

I took the picture below from Gerard’s site, I expect to take some photos myself this week.

Photo by Gerard Nijenbrinks

  • neatlittlefellow

    I also noticed Wubbo while searching the web for pictures of Reinhard and his Sinn 🙂 funny coincidence. don’t forget to include some wristshots.

  • jean-michel

    congratulations for your new 142 ! for sure an excellent choice and one of the last chance to get a “new” watch powered by the Lemania 5100
    The black version is a beauty (but be carefull to avoid scratches 😉 )

  • Chuck Maddox

    Congratulations on the Black Space One RJ! My Ti Space One waves hello:

    I’m confident you’ll get many years of stalwart service out of your Sinn, I think you’ll find people are interested in seeing “that HUGE watch” as the case shape, large dial/bezel and crystal make the watch appear to be near Panerai in dimensions. The Space One has always struck me as a watch that would look great on Schwartzenegger’s wrist!



    P.S. Now if we could just get Swatch Group to continue 5100 production or sell it off to someone (perhaps a Sinn/Fortis/Tutima/Bell&Ross consortium)… — C