Holiday season is burglary season

Holiday season is burglary season

Holiday season has already started and before you leave to your favorite destination, make sure your watches are safe. Actually, your watches should always be safely stored. A few days ago, I read on Das Rolex Forum that someone came home from a short holiday and noticed his watch was missing. The horror.

If you don’t want your watches to be stored in a safe at the bank, you should consider having a safe installed. Make sure it is fitted by a bolt to a brick or concrete wall. This will stop them for a while 🙂

If you have a watch winder (battery operated), make sure it will fit in the safe. This means you have to look at the inner dimensions of the safe 🙂 You wouldn’t be the first one that came home with a safe that is too small for your watch winder.

Also, make sure you have a proper insurance for all your belongings and have the proper locks installed in your house on all outside doors and windows. It might be interesting to take a look at an alarm system as well. This can be a requirement for the insurance anyway.

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