A while back I blogged on Horloges magazine, a Dutch (glossy) magazine on watches. You can read it here. Ofcourse, it wasn’t too positive, and last week I received an e-mail from Jette Vonk, editor at Horloges Magazine, about my posting and about their new website. She defended their 5th anniversary edition ofcourse, which was the edition that initiated my post about ‘Horloges Magazine’ in the first place.

Anyway, she brought up a good point on their 5th anniversary magazine, which is that not everyone is reader since day 1 of their magazine. 🙂 Sounds fair. Besides that, she pointed out to me that the magazine has a new websites including a watchforum. It is in Dutch, so for those who are Dutch (or from Belgium), click here.

  • Hi Robert-Jan,

    You’re correct. Have you read the latest swiss issue of horloges Magazine?
    There’s an article about the 10th Panerai anniversary in it. Jusy so sad to see some mistakes they made
    as fe the CEO’s name is misspelled. Then lateron the fanclub is called Paneristas (is Panerai a spanish brand?)… All a bit hilarious to read.

    Seems doublechecking isn’t a common thing at those journalist’s desks of Horloges Magazine… A shame.

    All the best,
    Ilya Depuydt
    EU Paneristi moderator (aka Mr.Orange)