iPhone users: FratelloWatches just became iProof..

Robert-Jan Broer
July 08, 2009
iPhone users: FratelloWatches just became iProof..

Being an iPhone enthusiast myself (and I am not a gadget freak, I only want electronic stuff that works properly), I gave FratelloWatches a slight update so it works faster for iPhone/iPod Touch users. Thanks to WPTouch, creators of this great add-on software for my blog, this site now loads very fast on iPhones (and iPod Touch models).

Where you had to rescale the website before, as shown below, you now have a quick loading overview of the last articles I posted here on FW.

With the WPTouch add-on, the website now looks like a iPhone app from the AppStore:

You can tap the article you want to read, which gives you some sort of preview. If you like what you see, and want to read the full post, tap the ‘Read This Post’ line and voila..

Here’s the full post with images/photos included, scaled down automatically for your iPhone/iPod Touch screen. If you prefer the regular website-view, scroll down and tap the Mobile Theme switcher.

For watchfreaks, there are some nice iPhone apps out there. Glycine released an iPhone application, displaying a fully working Glycine Airman 17, with the self-winding rotor that moves while you move the iPhone. Bell & Ross released an iPhone app as well, showing a few models from their collection and it gives you an overview of all world wide dealers. And then there is this lame application (at least I think it is), but see for yourself…


Robert-Jan Broer
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