As I was driving to my work yesterday morning, I looked at the clock in the dashboard of my car to see how late it was. As I couldn’t imagine time went that quickly, I also checked time on my watch (Sea-Dweller). A 4 minute deviation. I first thought that my watch would be wrong, since I synced the clock of my car just a few weeks ago with my PDA (which is always on time). So last evening, I thought about it again (forgot about it all day yesterday) and wanted to set my watch on time with the clock at Only a few seconds deviation, not even worth to pull out the crown. This morning I looked again at the clock of my car, still a 4 minute deviation… My guess is, that the clocks used in these Alfa Romeo cars are just as reliable as the rest of the equipment in there. Luckily, Panerai does a better job, but I guess maybe that has something to do with the outsourcing to Switzerland for their movements. 🙂

p.s. My PDA is also showing the correct time as we speak.

  • Marcel

    Well well well. Comments on an Alfa from a watch lover. Watches and Alfa’s are somewhat related: both are bought based on emotions. Luckily watches from Swiss origin mostly combine emotion with high quality. Something Alfa cannot be accused of (yet). Or as Clarkson says: All the trouble of owning an Alfa is worth it when on that one moment on the freeway all things work as they should. (no literal quote) – SeaMaster owner…

  • Robert-Jan Broer

    Hi Marcel,

    To be honest, I wasn’t too enthousiastic at first. It is a lease car and when I started at my new job, I got an Alfa from their pool. I was quite sceptic (being a BMW fan and driver) but after a while I started to like the car. My father used to have an Alfa 75 TS2.0 and my mother a Spider (the real Spider model) 2.0. Both cars had their share of problems, so it is definately a decision on emotions. While my former Alfa 147 from the pool of the lease dept had some problems, I chose again for an Alfa 147 (you have to ‘order’ your own car after a while) because the car drives great and gives good comfort. The leaseprice is quite expensive, but that probably has everything to do with the value after the contract of 5 years. However, to be honest, my next car probably will be a BMW again. In the end, both brands do not differ very much as for driving fun, but I have a bit more trust in the quality of BMW.

    Thanks for your comment!


  • Marcel

    Hi RJ,

    Seems we share two addictions: cars and watches. My new BMW 3 series lease car (320d exec++) is delivered next tuesday. Driving the BMW through a fast corner while peeking at the Omega Seamaster showing up from under my sleeve doens’t sound too special to most people, but you’ll probably understand that heaven and earth touch each other right at that point…

    Thanx and keep up the good work with your blog. By the way: I also referenced resources from your omega-addict site when purchasing my Seamaster, so also thanx for that.