WallStreet Kingdom, the company that brought you the shirts with the stripes of pride is now introducing a (casual) line of Polo shirts. These Polo shirts are WK’s tribute to the fastest game on earth, Jai Alai. WallStreet Kingdom, friend of FratelloWatches for years, once made the comment that their shirts should be to fashion what Audemars Piguet is to watches. Sheer luxury and very wearable.

The WallStreet Kingdom company recently asked me what watch to use for their advertisements, well… Let me show you that they listened to what I had to say.

You can order these fine crafted Polo shirts on-line at Wallstreet Kingdom, prices are $195 USD and available from sizes S to XL and available in black and white.

  • Limited tribute collection
  • Luxury cotton pique
  • Mother-of-pearl buttons
  • Custom-Fit. Made in Portugal

Go www.wallstreetkingdom.com

  • John D

    If they want to be an exclusive polo manufacturer perhaps spending a bit more money on the ads than on the watch would be one step in the right direction (the ad looks tacky and not exclusive). USD 195 for a shirt is more expensive than the already established PRL and Lacoste who is the master in this segment. Do they have a store so potential customers can at least try the polos on?

    -Mr Sceptical

    • MPJ

      I don’t think Wallstreet Kingdom is made for sceptics…

      • I am with you. Luxury shirts do come at a price, and while I like the LaCoste and RL shirts, these are in another league.

        • John D

          Another league – higher or lower?
          It will be difficult for them if they do not offer their customers to feel the quality before purchase; especially as a new player in an already very tough market

          • What do you think in this context? What’s with all the negativity? These polo shirts by WK are probably the finest I have seen and are way above RL and La Coste. I don’t know if you have La Martina shirts where you’re from, but these are in the same league.

          • John D

            No negativity, simply a bit confused of how you can see quality of fabric from pictures…
            I go for Lacoste as it fits me the best. All polos have different fits so how is a customer able to know how the shirt looks on if they cannot try it on?
            Just saying that it won’t be easy for a high-end clothing company to strike it big if customers are not able to feel the products.

          • Hi John,

            I have two shirts by WallStreet Kingdom and I am convinced about the quality of them. I do understand your issue by having them displayed on a website only. Perhaps Wallstreet Kingdom is willing to participate in this discussion and tell you more about their approach. I will ask them.


          • Boutique

            Hi Guys,

            Thanks for the fruitful discussion. We can imagine the questions by John D. No problem with that. To be honest, our customers are always very satisfied with the quality of our products. As we are in high-end fashion and on the internet, our customers simply expect our clothing to be perfect in the way it fits and feels. For us it is just a matter of ‘deliver what we claim’. And so we do.

            Indeed, our approach currently is mainly the Internet, however there is a limited number of shops where you can touch and feel our products.

            @ John D. Please feel free to contact us anytime for more information.

            Kind regards,