Kobold watches, a result of some sort of former collaboration between Helmut Sinn and Mike Kobold. It seems that these watches are getting more and more populair. They even support an official forum hosted at WatchUseek.com

Even James Gandolfini (Tony from the Sopranos TV-series) wears one according to their advert. Can’t imagine a maffia-boss actor without a 18kt gold Day-Date from Rolex, but alas 🙂

Kobold Forum

  • Chuck Maddox

    I wish I had seriously considered them before Mr. K tripled the price on them. Seriously, some of these watches are nearly as expensive as a new Daytona’s suggested retail price. I’ll stick with Sinn’s, Tutima’s, B&R’s and Fortis for this style of watch.

    But that’s just me…

    — C

  • Rob

    I agree Chuck. Way to expensive.

  • georges

    nice watches.but they became too expensive.