More from my inbox

Robert-Jan Broer
November 19, 2004
More from my inbox

Today I checked my mail-account which is attached to another watchsite I own (and which is currently under construction), I found these two messages to be the most interesting ones 🙂

“hi , my name is xxxxxx.
i am looking for a omega watch around $500-600.
please some information to me.

I only could answer ‘go vintage, or safe up some more’.

And this one was in my mailbox as well:

“Dear Sir,
Can you supply me??
I want to buy :
# Bulgari CH35BSSDAUTO watches for 3 units.
Please calculate total cost including shipping cost use UPS Express to Singapore.
I`ll be waiting good news from you.
Payment use my credit card details.
Let me know..
Best Regards”

Nice work, ordering Bulgari watches on a dedicated Omega fansite with nothing for sale at all. I guess this is just another scam.

Oh yeah, I get through the day! 🙂


Robert-Jan Broer
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