My 2nd watch (my 1st watch was the Speedmaster Pro with saphire front and back crystal) for 2005 is coming in very soon! Gerard showed me this Abacus MSN Direct watch in his store and although MSN Direct isn’t available in Europe (for now), it had some nice other features. Although my focus is on mechanical wristwatches, a nice digital watch can be usefull sometimes. I already have a Casio digital wristwatch I got when I was 9 or 10 (so that would be in 1986), it still works. I can remember I really liked those G-Shocks back then, but I couldn’t afford one and my wrists were way too small to handle one. So about 1.5 years ago I bought this 20th anniversary re-make of the first Casio G-Shock (1983), only the caseback shows it is a new watch (it has the 20th anniversary inscription). So in the end, I still got what I wanted when I was a kid.

Ofcourse, these digital things are just for fun and shouldn’t cost me too much (although I can understand why people buy an Omega X-33 or Breitling Aerospace, very neat watches). This Abacus watch is priced right, especially for a watch which I am probably never going to wear. Maybe only in the beginning or in the gym… maybe…

Anyway, I just found a review of one of these watches here. If you are in the US (and thus can use MSN Direct), you can get these watches for fair prices at eBay.

Photo by PDAntic

  • Nice RJ, and let us know when that new Speedy arrives.

    I no longer own a single quartz watch. 🙂


  • Robert-Jan Broer

    Hi Chris,

    The Speedy already arrived, you can see the pictures of it at the Speedmaster Gallery at

    Best regards,

  • Cesium

    I think MS missed the boat here. There is a fine art to tying the technology to the application. It seems that most of the functionality would be more appropriate to my cell phone or PDA (where it can be much more complete) rather than a watch.

    Does this work outside of metropolitan areas?

  • Well…

    I startet the year on the 4th of January with a Marathon H3 watch; official US Army issue during the Gulf war in 1991.

    Then on the 14th of January I bought a Speedmaster Professional with a caliber 321 from a very well know person here on the net. Sorry, no picture yet…

    January 17th I aquired (that sounds less expensive than ‘bought’) a Seiko Bell-Matic. Yes, a Seiko. Next to my 1970’s Seiko diver I consider this as a true classic – it could benefit from another strap though.

    Then a Fossil Abacus watch was the next one (for me as well); added to my collection of digital abuses. The whole MSN and information delivery thing doesn’t even work here in Europe, however I was struck by the design and consept of the watch. It sure didn’t disappoint me. If you like digital watches with a lot of functions and perfect readability, this is one not to miss!

    Then a Speedmaster Professional Mk IV (a long time missing link in my Speedmaster collection) came along, and I had the luck to win the eBay auction at a very fair price. Thanks Karl-Heinz! It just came in last week.

    I didn’t forget the Speedmaster Professional, which I mentioned at the Speedmaster Forum already, however I guess I’ll sell this one when it’s back from the service at Omega in Biel – so it doesn’t really count. I’m buying and selling watches professionally so mentioning them all would not be ‘fair’ 😉

    The next watch to add to my personal collection might be very well a Rolex. I’m looking at a vintage Oysterdate and a modern Explorer at the moment…

    I guess I realy qualify as watch-addict isn’t it? Pretty watches always seem to bring me down … town. 😉