Besides publishing for digital media such as my own blog, my first article (a column) for printed press is also a fact. WATCH, a Dutch magazine about watches, dining, men’s fashion, cars, traveling (ergo: “the finer things in life” :)). It is written in Dutch, and I have no translation of it (yet). This one page column is about the watch industry and their conservative – in general -?Ǭ? attitude with respect to e-commerce solutions, how this enables e-business for the grey market dealers and ofcourse about letting the consumer decide whether they want to buy from a bricks and mortar authorised dealer or the webshop of this very same authorised dealer.

Anyway, if you are able to read Dutch, check it out and do not hesitate to give me some feedback. You can order the magazine on-line at the AKO kiosk (in Dutch), with next day delivery if ordered before 15:00.

  • Congratulations on the article! Old and new media together make a powerfull combination!

  • Congrats on your first print article, RJ. A great accomplishment and testament to the high quality of your writing and knowledge of the watch industry.

  • Let me add my heartfelt kudos to you as well for this.

    In addition a translation of the article itself, it would be interesting to hear any thoughts you have on the process of getting to print publication. It’s a whole different world.

    A couple of things that immediately come to my mind are the high level of editorial demand for claims substantiation, peer reviews, and a true “separation of church and state” when it comes to writing about subjects with potential advertising overlap. In years to come, as the “printed” word reaches whatever base level it’s ultimately destined to find, I think the “print legacy” will be these gold standards.

    And that portends some (welcome) shake-ups on the Internet. Who will survive?


  • Thanks guys!

    About the print publication, I will get back to you on that by e-mail, Dell.