Hi There!!

I was just chatting with RJ, when it suddenly occured to me that half of his recent posts started as chat-conversation between him and me… Then I thought, I might as well blog myself..

The dutch fratello readers might know me from www.dezinvanluxe.nl or some of the international forums. For the rest, please allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Dale Vito. I’m a 21yo student from the Netherlands, and completely nuts about watches since about a year or 4. I just posted a history of my watches over @ a DZVL.. Non-chronological.

Robert-Jan has been a close chat-friend over the past years. We’ve met quite a few times and I can garantee you, he’s quite a nice person IRL 😉 .

I will be posting my horological thoughts here every once in a while.

Thanks for reading,

Dale Vito