So you have 2500 Euro (about 3400 USD) for a watch, and you can have only one…. which one would you choose?

My friend Rob L. asked this on the Public Forum at TimeZone, which didn’t provide him with much new insights. Most people advised him watches he already had (and sold). Among them a Seamaster Professional by Omega, a Panerai 40mm (because Rob thinks the 44mm is not really his style), a Submariner etc.

Anyway, he went for a Rolex Date-Just ref.16234 (which stands for a stainless steel model, jubil?Β© bracelet and white gold lunette) which is an excellent choice I think. A simple and classic watch which suits about every clothingstyle and which is, most of all, rugged and reliable due to the oystercasing and the fantastic caliber 3135 movement.

Personally, I would probably go ‘sports’ Rolex, like a Sea-Dweller, Submariner or GMT-Master II. Used ofcourse. A Date-Just is very nice, and I do have one in my current collection, but I got used to larger watches, so 38mm/40mm is some sort of requirement for me. My ‘only watch’ should at least meet these ‘features’:

– at least 38mm in diameter;
– stainless steel;
– date feature;
– mechanical (with a good finish);
– a waterresistancy of ATM10;
– stainless steel bracelet;
– of a brand with history or at least ‘a story’;
– saphire crystal;
– not vintage;

As an alternative to the Rolex models mentioned, I could settle for a Speedmaster BroadArrow if I could be sure that the movement would be functioning correctly (caliber 330x problems here). An IWC Mark XV would be an option, if these are available on stainless steel bracelet for this kind of money which I really doubt. Breitling is no option, not my kind of watch.

What would you buy as ‘only watch’ for 2500 Euro?

  • We have similar tastes in watches, it looks like. I would also go for the submariner or a GMT Master II. Right now, I think I would prefer the GMT Master II as I travel a fair amount, and I like the 24 hour hand, though I really love the look of the submariner, and I prefer the bezel.

    It would be the all-black or the submariner, or the stainless steel GMT Master II with a black face, and the two-tone bezel (blue and red). Both are beautiful watches, and in fact, I was out looking for a used one the other day (with no luck).

  • Thanks for your comments Christian. I went for a Sea-Dweller 1.5 years ago because I didn’t want to scratch up my vintage GMT-Master ref.1675 too much and the crown on the GMT-Master was too small for my taste.

    I picked the Sea-Dweller over the Submariner because the Sea-Dweller is a bit thicker (the dialdiameter is a bit smaller, but the cases have the same diameter, 40mm) and I like the fact that you don’t see them as much as a Submariner. In fact, a while back I was standing in the queue at the movies and the guy before me was wearing a Submariner and asked me about my watch (I was wearing a polo, so short sleeved) and he first thought it was a fake or something because it clearly wasn’t a Submariner πŸ™‚

    Anyway, if Rolex gave the GMT-Master II a larger crown, I would trade my Sea-Dweller for one, because I like the extra timezone feature!

  • georges

    price of the sea dweller is 3400euros in France.Personally, I would rather stick with an omega railmaster aquaterra coaxial.

  • My wife recently gave me a GMT Master II – all in black. Very elegant and looks great when I’m in a suit or in casual dress.

  • If I could only have one watch, it will be IWC Mark XV – simple, understated, classic.