Photo-Essay FIA WEC 6 hours of Nürburgring

Balazs Ferenczi
September 10, 2015
Photo-Essay FIA WEC 6 hours of Nürburgring

You’ve probably seen the Photo-Essay by Bert (and Gerard) last week. While they were enjoying a vintage car race, Mike and I were also on the track; on the Nürburgring. Chopard and Porsche invited us for the FIA WEC 6 hours of Nürburgring race and since we had some further connections to the Porsche Team – and its driver Timo Bernhard – we were more than happy to pay a visit to the legendary German racetrack.


Padock while it was open for lucky ticket holders


…and after they closed it down during the race.

Our hang-out for the day was the Porsche Hospitality Lounge behind the paddock where we could enjoy the race on big screen TVs but also where we had the chance to get some first-hand experience of the various Chopard models the company brought to the event. Thanks to their amazing generosity we could do a pit walk before the race and saw the cars up close right before the red light turned green and the race begun. During the race we were taken to a garage tour (strictly no photos or video of course) where we had the experience of a lifetime. Experiencing how the team works in action during the race is something not many people get to see and what turned out to be the highlight of the day.


Porsche Hospitality Lounge

fia_wec_chopard_porsche-7 fia_wec_chopard_porsche-8 fia_wec_chopard_porsche-11

fia_wec_chopard_porsche-12 fia_wec_chopard_porsche-13 fia_wec_chopard_porsche-14 fia_wec_chopard_porsche-15 fia_wec_chopard_porsche-17 fia_wec_chopard_porsche-18 fia_wec_chopard_porsche-19 fia_wec_chopard_porsche-21 fia_wec_chopard_porsche-24

We also spent some time on the rooftop of the garages where the absolutely stunning view to the finish line and pit stops allowed us to shot some cool photos of these insane supercars. The sound is indescribable and almost unbearable even with earplugs in but it is just part of the show.

 fia_wec_chopard_porsche-10 fia_wec_chopard_porsche-31 fia_wec_chopard_porsche-36 fia_wec_chopard_porsche-35 fia_wec_chopard_porsche-38Chopard has a long history with motorsports and the watches we’ve seen just resemble that. The DNA is there and obvious down to the smallest details of the crown, the case back or even the strap. They are large, sporty, rugged and proven to be a perfect match to the race and to Team Porsche. A big thank you to Chopard for the invite and Team Porsche for the cool memory and super hospitality. Also congrats on the double victory at the FIA WEC 6 hours of Nürburgring race and good luck for the upcoming one in the US. And to you dear readers; there is more to come in October. Stay tuned!


Mike was sporting the appropriate – yet not Chopard – watch for the day

fia_wec_chopard_porsche-42 fia_wec_chopard_porsche-45 fia_wec_chopard_porsche-56 fia_wec_chopard_porsche-65 fia_wec_chopard_porsche-64 fia_wec_chopard_porsche-68 fia_wec_chopard_porsche-69

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