This month, FratelloWatches blog exists 5 years already! For 5 years, I have been ranting about watches, the watch industry, Basel, SIHH, watch books, accessories, boutiques, jewelers etc. etc. During the last 5 years, I have made a lot of friends in the watch business. Some of them became real friends and I am looking forward to meet more interesting (watch) people in the coming years.

Just recently, I met on-line with the people over at Plaza Watch. After a short e-mail, I received a bunch of Plaza Watch magazines at home to get an idea of their work. I was amazed, never had seen it before and the quality of the articles and photos (-wowed me-) are just terrific. I am used to the critical German magazines with endurance tests and in-depth reviews, very factual. The Dutch watch magazines are a bit more glossy, but in-depth articles are rare and photos are mainly press-kit photos that are available on the watch manufacturer’s website as well. This Plaza Watch magazine is a Swedish magazine, written in English and have a lot of incredible photo reports.

Plaza Watch started in 2006 and release 3 issues every year, one of them especially for BaselWorld, one around Christmas for the SIHH period and one in the autumn (late September). As I wrote above, their photographing is excellent, done by world class awarded photographers like Chris & Gael and Tomas Monka. As for the editorial line-up, these include famous horological editors like Elizabeth Doerr, Nicholas Foulkes, Maria Doulton and Claire Adler and more..?Ǭ? The magazine is available in 45 countries and English language only.

As Anders Modig (Editor in Chief since September 2007) mailed me, he believes that a good (watch) magazine should show true artistry of not only watchmakers, but also of photographers, illustrators and designers. Both the editors and photographers should be able to dare the industry! This shows in their magazine.

Especially for the readers of FratelloWatches, Plaza Watch gives away three subscriptions! Please respond in the comments field if you are interested in becoming a subscription in what I believe is one of the most interesting watch magazines available. I assure you that you will find yourself extending it at the end 🙂

Big thanks to Jay Gullers and Anders Modig of Plaza Watch to make this possible and for their kind and interesting e-mails.

Update! Johan, Luigi G and Roald, you are the lucky winners!

  • Johan

    sounds interesting, count me in for a subscription 🙂

  • add me as well, R-J!

  • I bought the last 4 magazines and I think their photo reports are fantastic and an inspiration 😉 Count me in pls!

  • Hi RJ – wow, five years, it doesn’t seem like it, time has flown by. Congratulations and many more years of writing and more importantly enjoyment of both watches and life!

    (And should Plaza be available in Canada, feel free to offer my name for a subscription! 🙂 and if not, certainly somebody will enjoy it, thanks)


  • Luigi G.

    Looks like a good read, i’d like a subscription from the give away.

  • I’d love a subscription! Thanks, RJ!

  • Iain C

    I’m always on the look out for new watch mags, count me in for a subscription please! (Unless they’ve been given away already)


  • Christian

    Yes please 🙂 Looks like a great magazine.

  • Frank T Gencarelli

    I’m in for a subscription – it’s a cool publication.

  • Roald

    Wow, here’s already an Australian fan! Please include me in the ballot.

    Many thanks,


  • Big fan here! The Swedes know how to make great mags, not only Plaza Watch. I consider this media as a strong competitor to revolution when it comes to “coolness”. Count me in on a subscription, thanx.

  • Phil M

    I?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢d would also be very interested in a subscription.

  • JGG

    It would be nice to have a subscription and compare the magazine with Watch international and Revolution.


  • Erwin Vervaet

    Laat maar komen!
    Look very interesting indeed. Count me in!


  • Congrats with your 5 years Robert-Jan! That’s an impressive achievement in this fast changing world. I hope your next 5 years will be as full with inspiration and nice articles as the past 5 years.

    By the way… interesting magazine, i’d love to take a closer look at Plaza Watch Magzine 🙂

  • martijn

    …. verheug me!

    gr martijn

  • Jason

    Nothing wrong with another magazine about watches. Nothing wrong with a free subscription either! Count me in!

  • Barry

    Looks stunning: never seen it at the newsstand strangely enough. I’d like the subscription as well.

  • Roald

    Yep, my lucky day! (even has my favorite “panerai” as the spam script security word)

    Thanks so much, Robert-Jan!!!!!! And congrats indeed!


  • George

    Must say, Plaza Watch is the most hidden secret in the world. That magazine could be one of the best selling titles in the world. At my local store, it’s always sold out and they only get 8 copies. I will subscribe!