TimeZone visitor KtownGreg really has a nice collection of watches. It is very diverse, from Seiko via Panerai till JeagerLeCoulte. Besides watches he has a good taste for pens as well! However, his kid seems to get a bit tired of his daddy’s hobby. 🙂

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Photo by KtownGreg
Photo by KtownGreg

  • Nice Shots. That JLC model has been a favorite of mine for some time!



  • Bas

    Awesome picture. And that JLC goes really nice with that Montblanc!

    RJ, you own some pens as well. I wonder, if you go to a job interview or on a date, do you make sure that your pen matches your watch?

  • Bas,

    No, not my watch, but my needs. If I have to sign something important, I use a fountainpen at least. I love my Stipula Etrurua LE, but my Montblanc 146 or Pelikan M250 do those jobs as well. Problem of the Stipula is the worry that it is too ‘Puff Daddy’ for some people. For daily notes and quick writing, I use the Montblanc Starwalker as pictured in this post or my Meisterstuck 161 (I think this is the correct number).