Even before the whole luxury landscape was changed by the onset of a global pandemic, more and more watch sales were taking place online. Trading over the internet is fast and convenient, but it does carry some risks not normally associated with brick-and-mortar sales. Bridging the gap between buyer and seller is Relleb, an independent authentication authority established to give online purchasers complete peace of mind when clicking the buy button.

If you’re new to the pre-owned luxury watch marketplace it can be a bit intimidating. Even seasoned buyers will have encountered or experienced bad sellers. Pulling the trigger on that dream purchase can certainly be daunting, especially If any doubt as to the item’s authenticity lingers in your mind.

This is where Relleb comes in. Relleb’s prime concern is the protection of pre-owned watch buyers online. Relleb is a fully independent operation. It does not work with or for any other platform, watch brand, or seller. Relleb authenticates and assesses the quality of watches sold online to protect buyers from fake (and incorrect) watches while keeping an eye on misleading quality descriptions to ensure that customers receive exactly what they’ve been promised.

Additionally, the company can facilitate the whole process. If you need help sourcing a particular watch, Relleb has you covered. When it comes to authentication, having the watch delivered safely, and purchase aftercare, Relleb has the capacity to help all buyers, new or experienced.


The customer journey

So how does this all work? Well, thanks to modern technology, it isn’t that complicated nor much of a hassle. Relleb steps into the process in between product purchase and delivery to the end customer (that’s you).

Step 1: find your dream watch online, anywhere!

Even though Relleb does have a pre-vetted marketplace of its own, you don’t need to buy your watch from it directly (if you do, of course, the process is very simple, and fully facilitated by Relleb).

If you find the watch you want on a third-party website (like Chrono24 or eBay, for example), simply reach out to Relleb to initiate the authentication process. You’ll be provided with pricing info for this service at this stage.

Step 2: secured checkout

Relleb provides a secured checkout with Stripe (Payment Service Provider for companies such as Booking.com, Treatwell, TicketSwap, Deliveroo, and many more). Your money will be stored on a Stripe bank account until the authentication process is finalized.

Step 3: Insured shipment to Relleb

The watch is then sent to Relleb’s Authentication Center in Amsterdam, fully insured.


Step 4: authentication and quality assessment by Relleb

The authentication process at Relleb is truly speedy! Experienced watchmakers will authenticate the watch within one business day after receipt of the watch. Relleb films the opening, the authentication, and the packaging of your watch. Videos, photos, and an Authentication and Quality Report will be shared with the customers upon finalization of the Relleb Authentication process.

Step 5: Insured shipment to Buyer

Once the authentication is complete, the watch is shipped to its final destination, fully insured. The watch will be sent via DHL and wrapped in soft material in an extra durable box.

What if the watch is not correct?

Here’s the question you really need answering: if it transpires there is a problem with the authenticity or correctness of the watch, Relleb has you covered. Customers will be refunded 100% within one hour of Relleb’s watchmakers confirming the watch has failed the authentication test. Relleb will make sure to involve the right organizations and will handle the issue with the seller.

To learn more about Relleb and the team behind the concept, check out the company’s official website here.

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