A Kickstarter campaign started in December to raise funds for a unique luxury watch line from Limerence, a company founded by Andre Svendsen, a Swiss Watchmaker, and Andreas Ravnanger, an avid watch collector and designer. They always dreamed of being able to use their skills to allow more people to get their hands on true luxury watches, not just the top one percent. The company claims to offer products at prices that are previously unmatched in the field. In addition to their already great prices, customers can save up to 55% if they pre-order now.

“When you buy a luxury watch, you buy more than just a watch,” says Andreas Ravnanger. “You buy a whole luxury experience. It starts with gorgeous wood and Italian leather packaging. That’s followed by the unparalleled feeling of having an intricate and precise, brilliantly-crafted machine on your wrist. Then, one day, the emotion of passing it to your children, and them to their hildren—not simply as a watch, but an unequivocally perfect instrument that will never stop ticking. That’s a true luxury experience, and that’s why so many people spend thousands of dollars on fine timepieces.”

Limerence is looking for funds through Kickstarter to help attain its goal of producing luxury watches that are affordable and unique. The company is aiming to sell its watches directly to the customers to reduce the prices of those watches even further, thus making them all the more accessible.

The watches being produced by Limerence include many strong options that are made with particular standards in mind. Limerence watches promises its customers that transparency always comes first, and they will never cut corners. Much of the inspiration for the watches is taken from the creators’ Norwegian heritage.

The Elegance collection, starting at €495 for the first to pre-order, is all about bold simplicity. It features ETA 2824-2 Elabore Grade automatic (self-winding) movement with in-house adjustments. The Arctic Ocean watch features a silver dial with blue markings while the Ocean Blue model offers a Norwegian fjord-influenced design with a deep blue sunray dial. The Northern Elegance watch is also promoted, as a masculine mix of rose gold and steel, influenced by the Nidarosdomen church.

The watches are designed with a strong attention to detail in mind and are very luxurious in their appearances. You can visit Limerence’s Kickstarter campaign to pre-order now here.