Over at the Dutch DeZinVanLuxe forum, Edgar wrote about his terrible bathroom accident. He fell and smacked his Jaeger-LeCoultre against some furniture. Luckily, he has his precious?Ǭ†watch insured and will get a refund on the repairment. Time to check your insurance papers as well 🙂

Here is the link to the thread at DzvL (Dutch).

  • Ouch! ;-(

  • Zeger

    Looks like a job for Carglass

  • Zeger

    As the owner of one of these Holy Cows i can only say that you will have to have this puppy on your wrist to experiende the straing apeall it has… (and if you listen closely it will say..yeah you want me, you love me..buy me..)

    beside that the only balanced reply i can give is..

    “pllffffppppplllfffppfflll” (say this while sticking your tongue out)