TheTimeTV: Urwerk – The future of watchmaking

Robert-Jan Broer
February 01, 2009
TheTimeTV: Urwerk – The future of watchmaking


TheTimeTV – the watchmaking channel, and partner of, has a bunch of new and interesting flicks on their website. Their +5 minute video on Urwerk gives the viewers a great inside view on how this watch manufacturer creates their watches.

Urwerk TimeTV Video

From the first steps of designing a watch on paper, to CAD technologies, production and the final product..

Urwerk TimeTV video

This video features interesting interviews given by the owners of Urwerk (Baumgartner & Frei), watch designers and an introduction of the Urwerk employees. In the first quarter of 2008, I had the pleasure to see an Urwerk watch in a The Hour Glass shop in the Millenia Walk shoppingcenter in Singapore. An incredible timepiece! It was a business trip (non-watch related) and unfortunately I didn’t have the time to ask the sales person from The Hour Glass everything I wanted to know. This video answers most of my questions though 😉

Please visit the following link for the full video over at TheTimeTV:

My past Urwerk coverage can be found here:
URWERK: Black Platinum 103 Hexagon

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