Delta1, a TimeZoner from Italy, just made me smile! This watch below is 37 years old, used daily, and still going strong… (yes, the dial isn’t correct, and so isn’t the bracelet, but click below and you’ll see..)

Click here for the post at TimeZone

Photo by Delta1

Robert-Jan Broer
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Robert-Jan Broer

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Robert-Jan Broer, born in 1977, watch collector and author on watches for over a decade. Founder of Fratello Watches in 2004.
Robert-Jan Broer
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  • Wow, even swam with it! Very impressive. I guess after all these years it certainly doesn’t owe him anything!


  • When I sais in the omega club forum that the speedy was an excellent “daily beater” I was not joking 😉 … and why NOT swimming with a 30 meters waterproof watch … as soon as it is regulary tested for hermeticity ?
    The speedmaster HAVE BEEN DESIGNED for HARD use and (like a rolex submariner) it is concidered now as a jewelry pice , BUT do not forget that it have been designed for ACTION

  • Bas

    Same here. I’ve worn my Speedmaster Pro for almost 5 years non stop. I don’t swim with it, but I keep it on while snowboarding, sailing, paintball, land yaughting etc. Never a single problem.

  • YOu guys have more courage than I do. 🙂

    Sailing? Paintball?!?

  • Christopher ,
    Should I add that I swim, ride my motorbike, have done parachute jump, sailing, skiing with a speedy pro ….. after all a task not as hard as the NASA duty 😉
    The speedmaster Pro have been introduced on the market as a “technical” and sport watch , after all theses years it is still a champion in the category :
    extremely eeliable, exceptionnal readability, and “built for action”

  • georges

    An excellent testimonial that proves once more that a 321 is the beater by definition. Excellent accuracy , reliability and precision.I am wearing a 1973 speedy professionnal markIV and it has a precision of +0,5/+1 sec per day not 321 but a 1040 movement probably the best automatic self winding cam operated chrono movement.