Just like Seiko Champion Harry, I am on a vacation. I’ll be visiting Los Angelos, San Francisco, Las Vegas etc. Because of the time difference of 9 hours, my GMT-Master II will join me. The rest is safely stored (I hope) at the bank. Although I can’t imagina getting in trouble with customs (when I return) with my Rolex, I will take my Dutch warrantee card to be sure. The stories about Dutch customs are horrifying.

Steve McQueen in Bullit, racing through the Streets of San Francisco

Anyway, I will return in the week of September 22nd. Hopefully back with fresh ideas and great blogging material πŸ™‚ (I hope I can get some Revolution Magazines over there…)

  • And I hope you enjoy your break also RJ, have a great vacation!

    Cheers from my (with family) vacation
    “Seiko Champion” Harry

  • Martijn

    That sounds like a very dangerous vacation………do you know how many watchstores they have in those cities???? πŸ˜‰ Enjoy your vaction!!

  • Victor

    Enjoy your vacation, hope to read about it on your next post.