We told you this would be fun. After four weeks of voting, you, the Fratelli, have selected the winning Instagram images that have made it through to this, the second semi-final. One more hurdle awaits these champions. Winning this week’s vote guarantees the image a place in December’s final. Better still, it puts the photographer behind the image in the running for some very tasty prizes indeed…

Below you can find the winners of the last four rounds’. Some cases were obvious from the start. In other instances, we saw heavy voting battles (and surprising last-minute swings) between the contestants. However, in the end, there could only be one winner each week. Now we need you, dear readers, to decide who will be the winner of the last four rounds. Remember this week’s winning shot will advance to the finals at the end of the year. The winner of that vote will take home the 2020 Fratello Instagram Photo Challange trophy.

The heats

If you want to see the images that didn’t make it this far, you can check out the contestants from Round 9, Round 10, Round 11, and Round 12 here.

Also, if you are not familiar with the requirements, let us bring you up to speed.

The rules are simple. Every week we will pick four watch images from Instagram. All you need to do to be eligible for selection is tag your watch shots with #fratellowatches. We will publish these four images here on the Magazine with a bit of a background story. You can vote in the article for your favorite image.

The winner advances to the next round, which will take place every fifth week. The winning image of the previous four weeks’ votes progresses to the final, which will be held in Week 49, 2020. The winner will be announced the following week in Week 50. That means that only five watches will contest the final in 2020. We’ll start anew in January 2021 so we’ll have ten finalists in year two.

So, without further ado, here are the winners of the last four rounds


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A post shared by A Man In Time (@amanintime) on

@amanintime — vintage Tudor Submariner

“This is my beautiful Tudor Submariner that I purchased off Gumtree (the UK’s version of Craigslist). I met the seller of the watch and he happened to be the son of the original owner. He told me about how he found the watch hiding in a drawer in his house, and it turns out it had been given to his father in the ’70s when he started working as a commercial diver. The watch clearly went through a lot under his ownership. It is a tool watch, after all!

“I’ve chosen to keep the watch in its original condition as it’s not every day you find a completely original vintage diver that has spent most of its life being used for its intended purpose. I took this shot during lockdown. Working from home has meant that I always have my watches and camera nearby and they’ve provided me with a nice escape from the stresses of work and the current state of the world.”



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A post shared by Rick’s Watch Diversion (@watch_diversion) on

@watch_diversion — Sinn 910

“A split-second chronograph is a kind of “grail” watch that always seemed out-of-reach for me. But then Sinn came out with this limited model to celebrate its 55th anniversary. It’s based on a Valjoux 7750 but integrates a column wheel and the split-second function. But most importantly, it was affordable and had this achingly cool creamy dial and classic look that truly captivated me! The cream, black, and red highlights really sing in the sun, and this shot captures that perfectly.”



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A post shared by @the.vintage.collector on

@the.vintage.collector — vintage Omega Speedmaster, Seamaster, Railmaster

“The story behind the shot was that I just reached 1,000 followers on my watch IG and wanted to celebrate it with a shot of my master trilogy by Omega



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A post shared by Kevin Lo (@the_vintage_guy) on

@the_vintage_guy — Rolex Explorer II

“The explorer featured in this shot is the watch I bought for my 30th birthday. It was a casual afternoon and I’d just finished watching Apocalypse now and thought the combination of GMT and the tropic strap is as cool as it gets, so I thought why not try my explorer with an RAF strap?”

Thanks for voting! This poll is now closed. The winner will be announced on Instagram @fratellowatches.