Since a few days, I also joined the WatchFreaks blog, hosted by Alon Ben-Jospeh. Today, I added an article on vintage Rolex watches and why I do not collect them ;). Please give the WatchFreaks blog a visit and read my latest post!

Ref.1665 Rolex Sea-Dweller
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  • Das

    Hi, read your article – i think you are entitled to your opinion of course, but aren’t you being a little bit arrogant assuming that people who buy them only buy them ‘to show off and not for their own pleasure’? Talk about making sweeping assumptions, and makes me question your motives!

    I’d say anyone with over a thousand euro to spend probably has a brain and will also want something of quality – my 45yr old ‘el cheapo’ watch(the humble oysterdate) runs like it’s new!! Only been serviced once. It’s a tool watch, built to last. A Patek Philipe will have a better movement and superior precious materials for sure – but it’s jewelry rather than a tool. That makes a vintage Rolex worth it for me.


  • @Das

    I think you missed a few words, because I do not talk about ALL vintage collectors. I do aim at the ones who seem to buy them for showing off.