Watchramblings on a saturday

Robert-Jan Broer
October 09, 2004
Watchramblings on a saturday

What a watchday today! 🙂 Today I got my latest copy of Watchtime magazine and got a new strap in my mailbox sent to me by Elliot from TC Straps. Thanks mate! Elliot has besides his store full of straps, watches and accessoires a great Panerai site as well! ViaPaneristi, a great site for Panerai fanatics!

Is my Panerai madness ever going to stop? After seeing the latest ‘annual’ 2005 catalogue by Armband Uhren today, in Gerard’s watchstore, I guess my love for Omega is at least decreasing… However, the Omega Speedmaster Pro still remains my favorite chronograph watch. I do think that Omega has to stop milking out all of their products, the Constellation has too many varieties, the same goes for the DeVille Co-Axial, Speedmaster and the Seamaster Pro line. Panerai does the same thing in my eyes, but not to the irritating level Omega does. Rolex on the contrary, shows some great models like the Rolex Date-Just Turn-O-Graph with marvelous bezel and dial. I also noticed some new ‘small’ brands in this annual catalogue, but more on those later on. I still have to get my own copy of this Armband Uhren catalogue for 2005. If you are Dutch, you can get your copy of this annual at Horloge Platform Nederland.

Anyway, have a nice weekend and make sure to visit ViaPaneristi!

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