Today, my third chronicle for WorldTempus has been published. It is about collecting watches and the utopical situation of owning one watch! 🙂

Click here to go to the article at WorldTempus!

  • Great story RJ… and sooo familiar! Let’s keep on collecting… and wearing 🙂

  • So true, so true. I wish I could stop but “they” keep releasing such interesting and appealing watches that I start dreaming and planning how to get my next one.

  • @Frank: That’s right!

    @Glenn: I know the feeling… however, with my latest, I found some rest… (for now)

  • Gerard

    Great piece RJ..!!
    And I couldn’t agree more.
    I also changed my ”collection” into a few pieces that see some daylight.
    A few classics, like the Omega Speedmaster, Rolex GMT and a nice vintage Venus powered Navitimer (hopefully my next one).