My fourth WorldTempus article has been publish today. It is about buying vintage watches (or not), something you really should give a good though before doing so. Otherwise, and unfortunately this is out of experience, it can easily get out of hand (financially).

Let me know what you think. Please use the comments button below to do so.

  • Andreas

    I have the same weak spot, when it comes to Omega Speedmaster. In the past months I was looking for a 60s or 70s speemaster for the same reasons you mentioned. Couldn?Ǭ¥t find any for an acceptable price. In the end, it will cost you more than a new one, once you got it serviced. I think about waiting a few months, or buying a new one and “vintage” it myself for the next 25 years…what do you think? Why are the prices so high on the old speedmasters? Anniverary of the moon landing?

    btw. love your site. Keep going.

  • quarl

    To me vintage watches are far more interesting, better designed and ususally of better quality than the big bling ones one sees today. But, to each his own.