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  • Hands-on with the Fortis Tycoon Chronograph

    One afternoon at Baselworld this past year, Blaise and I left the bright lights of the “Messe” and walked down side streets for roughly 10 minutes to a rather nondescript hotel. Our purpose was to go see the “new” Fortis. The brand was undergoing a rebirth in its marketing...

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  • Win a MeisterSinger Adhaesio!

    The Adhaesio shows the two zone times in different ways: For the first – characteristic of MeisterSinger watches – one single hour hand moves around the dial, taking 12 hours to complete one full round. The second time is displayed on a disk, which takes 24 hours to rotate once, thereby moving half as quickly as the hand. At first glance, the mechanical principle it is based on appears quite simple: The additional hour wheel on which the 24-hour disk sits is connected to the “normal” hour wheel via...

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  • Chronotimer Collection – Our Passion For Racing

    The collection is more than an acknowledgment of our roots. With the Chronotimer Collection, Porsche Design celebrates the natural passion for racing. Looking at the specific needs of racing drivers Porsche Design founder Prof. F. A. Porsche relied on matte black surfaces and titanium at an early stage. These strengths have not lost any significance since then, and therefore are a feature in the new collection. Sportive. Dynamic. Highly functional. BLACK – A REVOLUTION IN THE COCKPIT Early 1970s. The challenge: The reflection of light on the dashboard at...

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