The Fratello Watches Team

Fratello is an online watch magazine since 2004 and offers high-quality watch content that is authentic, unique and interesting, with a personal touch.

With a deep knowledge of watches, Robert-Jan Broer decided to start an educative and entertaining platform by the name of Fratello Watches. Fratello is Italian for “brother” which directly translates to his last name “Broer”, which is unlike Fratello quite difficult to be pronounced correctly outside The Netherlands and Belgium. During the years, a team of skilled editors and professional photographers was created that all share a passion for watches. On this page you will be able to virtually meet all of them and connect directly to them.

Fratello has been mentioned in various other watch and non-watch publications, because of our content and unique projects: New York Times, Financial Times, GQ Magazine, TopGear, Hodinkee, AskMen and many more.

In 2012, our feature Speedy Tuesday (covering the Speedmaster watch every Tuesday) came to life and resulted in a community on its own, a print magazine and two Omega Speedmaster Professional “Speedy Tuesday” limited edition watches. It was the first time OMEGA cooperated with an online publication to design a specific watch for the Speedmaster community. It was also their first online sale in 2017 and all 2012 watches were spoken for in 4,5 hours. The second edition was launched in 2018 and all 2012 pieces were reserved under 2 hours.

When things got serious, Fratello was acquired by Ebner Publishing in 2014 to position and support us in a more professional way. In 2018, Fratello was bought back and established as a publishing house with the help of investors in order to go into new digital adventures. We expanded our recurring features with sections such as You Asked Us (answering readers’ questions), Throwback Thursday (covering vintage watches) and more, covering as many brands as possible. Fratello also organizes watch events for its readers together with brands and boutiques, from small exclusive events with 10-15 people to larger events with 50 persons.

Just like our content, our worldwide reach is serious and ever growing.

Meet our team

Robert-Jan Broer

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Bert Buijsrogge

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Balazs Ferenczi

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Teun van Heerebeek

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Tomas Rosputinsky

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Andreas Ahrens

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Jorg Weppelink

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Ben Hodges

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