Needless to say that we are a fan of Seiko watches here on Fratello. Not only did Michael Stockton convert me to the Japanese side of watchmaking when he joined Fratello Watches and started to write about those vintage Seiko beauties and Grand Seiko watches, the trip to Japan last year to see the (Grand) Seiko manufactures myself was a definite eye-opener. Ever since, I’ve been collecting a few Seiko watches myself. Ranging from a Seiko with the first automatic chronograph movement (6139) via a 1975 Seiko Tuna 6159, a King Seiko (5626) to more modern stuff.

Your Favorite Seiko Watches

I thought it would be interesting to measure which of our articles on Seiko watches performed best over the last two years. So we give you our Top 10 best read articles on Seiko watches. Perhaps it inspires you to have a closer look at these watches, to see why they are so popular among our readers. Or perhaps to come up with other Seiko models or references for us to check out in the near future.

Without further ado, here are the best read articles on Fratello about Seiko Watches we published in the last two years.

1. Seiko Marinemaster SBDX001

Seiko Watches - Seiko Marinemaster SBDX001

Seiko Marinemaster SBDX001

One of my favorite Seiko watches, the Marinemaster 300, reference SBDX001. Since the review I wrote, there has been a successor, the SBDX017. Michael covered it in his review here. The SBDX001 remains the most popular Seiko on Fratello Watches though. The SBDX017 has a couple of improvements, and probably worth to go after if you are in the race for a SBDX001 or Marinemaster 300 in general.

The Seiko Marinemaster is a great daily wearer and offers good value for money. Compared to some of its Swiss counterparts with a similar price tag, the Seiko Marinemaster is unbeaten in our opinion. You get a high quality watch with great finish and a wonderful movement (based on one of the 9S Grand Seiko automatic movements).

Click here for the Seiko Marinemaster 300 SBDX001 review

2. Seiko SKX007

Seiko Watches - Seiko SKX007

Seiko SKX007

The Seiko SKX007 (and SKX009 for that matter) is one of the most popular mechanical (Seiko) watches under 1000 Euro anyway. We measured this a while ago, but it is still valid today. A terrific beater watch, that offers great value for money. With a retail price around 300 Euro, it is very tough to beat this one. Michael wrote the 2nd most popular article on Seiko watches with his comparison article between the Seiko SKX007 and the Citizen NY0040.

Click here for the SKX007 article

3. Seiko SRP777 and Friends

Seiko Watches - Seiko SRP777

Seiko SRP777 and its heritage, the 6309

By coincidence we’ve found news on the new Seiko Prospex models that were released last year, via the Seiko Austria website. I guess Michael was the first to publish on these new models and the article received a lot of traction. The Seiko Prospex or falsely named ‘Turtle’ is a tribute to the original Seiko 6309 model from the 1970s. Another model I decided to purchase myself (the original 6309 as well as the current watch). However, the article on the SRP777, SRP775, SRP773 and SRP779 is favored.

Click here for the article on the new Seiko Prospex collection

4. Seiko SBDC027 Sumo

Seiko Watches - Seiko SBDC027 'Sumo'

Seiko SBDC027 ‘Sumo’

In 2015, Seiko celebrated the 50th anniversary of their professional divers watches. Amongst others, with this 50th anniversary of the Seiko Scuba (“Sumo”), reference SBDC027. A great value for money piece with some cool advances over the regular SBDC001 reference. The 2000 pieces that Seiko produced of the SBDC027 diver are a sapphire crystal (instead of hardlex) and a dia-shield coted case.

Click here for the Seiko SBDC027 article

5. Grand Seiko SBGV009

Seiko Watches - Grand Seiko SBGV009

Grand Seiko SBGV009

The first Grand Seiko in this overview of the most popular Seiko watches on Fratello. And it’s a quartz watch! We didn’t picked it, you did! It shows that the collector and (Grand) Seiko enthusiast is looking further than ‘labels’ only. Their quartz caliber 9F movements are very high-end and as I’ve written before, I’d pick them over certain mechanical movements for sure. They are impressive by specifications but also by aesthetics. The Grand Seiko reference SBGV009 is actually a 50th anniversary limited edition of 1200 pieces to commemorate the very first Grand Seiko with a date, the 1964 ‘Self-Dater’.

Click here for the Grand Seiko SBGV009 article

6. Seiko 6159-7010 (Grandfather Tuna)

Seiko Watches - Seiko 6159-7010

The watch that competes with the 1970s Omega Seamaster PloProf 600M and other Swiss professional divers watches, the Seiko 6159-7010. Michael wrote this interesting in-depth article on this 1975 big ceramic & titanium divers watch. This model is still in production, being called the Marinemaster 1000. It comes with quartz, mechanical and Spring Drive movement today. Back in 1975, it had a hi-beat Seiko mechanical movement. When I was in Japan, I was able to talk to the developer of the of this 1975 divers watch. That’s where became convinced I needed one in my own collection and bought one.

Click here for the Seiko 6159-7010 article

7. Seiko 6139

Seiko Watches - Seiko 6139

Seiko 6139

The first automatic chronograph movement, developed in 1969. Before Zenith, before the Chronomatic, there was Seiko’s caliber 6139 chronograph. Michael did a comparison article about the Zenith A386 El Primero (meaning ‘The First’) and the Seiko 6139. A must-read and must-have watch (comes in several variations) for chronograph collectors and fans. I picked up a 6139 recently for around €150 Euro, that needs a little cleaning and a new crystal (€10 Euro, I kid you not).

Click here for the Seiko 6139 article

8. Seiko Astron GPS Solar Chronograph

Seiko Watches - Seiko Astron GPS

Seiko Astron GPS

A mighty piece of innovation, the Seiko Astron GPS. We covered it a couple of times, including an in-depth hands-on review of one of the new models. It is interesting to see that of the Top 10 most favorite Seiko watches amongst our readers, the Astron GPS is lined up next to some vintage Seiko watches. A great timepiece for travelers, with high-end technology to ensure the most accurate timekeeping possible. In any time zone.

Click here for the Seiko Astron GPS Solar Chronograph article

9. Seiko Prospex Kinetic GMT

Seiko Watches - Seiko Prospex Kinetic GMT

Seiko Prospex Kinetic GMT

Today available in a special edition for PADI, but these first SUN019, SUN021 and SUN023 were quite clean models. Some had funky colors though. The Kinetic movement has been very popular in some markets, but it remains to be quartz and I always wondered if it was ‘here to stay’. But it seems to be. I bought the SUN065 myself, which is the PADI version of the Prospex Kinetic GMT and I love it. Bert and Gerard from our editorial team bought one as well and share this love as well.

Click here for the Seiko Prospex Kinetic GMT article

10. Seiko 62MAS

Seiko Watches - Seiko 62MAS

Seiko SKX007 and Seiko 62MAS

Actually, another Seiko article about the SRP777 was ranked 10, but we already covered it on rank 3 (and linked it in there as well). So on #11, but now #10, is the Seiko 62MAS. This watch, the 6217-8000/1, which is better known as the Seiko 62MAS (autoMAtic Selfdater) is the first professional series diver from Seiko, in 1965. The watch that we covered in our article was actually one from the first 2 months of production of this reference. These watches are (getting) rare and valuable, so you might want to prepare yourself a bit before buying one by reading our article about the 62MAS.

Click here for the Seiko 62MAS article

The list didn’t stop at 10 of course, we had an amazing coverage on Seiko watches in the past years. We will soon bring you some more news on new & vintage Seiko watches here on Fratello. Make sure to be on our newsletter to be the first to know.

*This list was created using our Google Analytics data from September 2014 up to today.