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  • G-SHOCK MRG-G1000: An icon comes of age

    Long-time G-SHOCK fans will make a beeline for the new MRG-G1000. The watch has a hardened titanium case and uses hybrid technology to achieve unsurpassed precision. Ever since the first design was launched in 1983, the G-SHOCK has been considered the pioneer in the “tough watch” category within the wristwatch market. All of the watches are exceptionally rugged and shock-resistant and designed with the “Triple 10″ concept. The Japanese brand sets a new benchmark with the MRG-G1000, thus entering the high-quality timepiece segment. The piece is distinguished by its...

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  • Blue Hours, Blue Days

    MeisterSinger presents the Perigraph and the Pangaea Day Date with new dial. MeisterSinger manufactures unusual watches – especially made for people who don’t count the seconds. Besides the single hour hand, the manufacturer’s timepieces are characterized by the meticulous design of the dials, with expressive typography and clearly readable markers. Last year, MeisterSinger featured bold colors for the first time. The alternating light creates ever-changing shadows that glide across the sunburst blue dials of the No. 03 and the Pangaea, which has made them a great success. The deep...

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  • Bulang and Sons Lounge – Now Open!

    Remember our review about Bulang & Sons straps? As part of our monthly Watch Strap Review series, editor Balazs Ferenczi makes sure to try & review all the straps...
  • Mark Wahlberg’s Omega in The Gambler

    Being a WIS (Watch Idiot Savant) means that everywhere you go, the first thing you recognize is the watch someone is wearing. Let that be the doctor, the cashier,...
  • Top 25 Watches Under € 1000 Euro

    Entry-level watches are über popular. Why? Because of the ever-increasing prices of some brands, a lot of watch enthusiasts search for affordable mechanical watches. Watches that they can wear...