The relatively unknown brand Romain Jerome had a good financial year in 2008. They’ve reached three times their initial targets and even six times as good as in 2007. Their total sales went up to 25 million Swiss Francs. January 2009 did 4 times as good as January 2008. Although this doesn’t tell me much, I’d like to see numbers and amounts instead of percentages 😉

However, kudo’s to the Romain Jerome team for having such a blast in 2008! Romain Jerome is a Geneva based watchmake that founded this company in 2004. Their press release on their annual report includes a nice rendered picture of their ‘crisis‘ watch 😉 I don’t know if the thousands of people who got laid-off (or will be) are appreciating this joke.

Luckily, Romain Jerome also introduced the Titanic-DNA rusted steel T-oxy III Skeleton Chronograph Tourbillon. You can read all about it in their press section.