Welcome back to Fratello On Air! This week, we’re coming back late due to our busy schedules. We’ve decided to cut this recording in half and will come back on our regularly scheduled day next week. For this episode, we talk about the new Amida Digitrend and a vintage Tissot Antimagnetique.

Sorry, folks; we’re late again! Work is having its way with our schedules, but we were able to come together and record a lengthy discussion that we have separated into two distinct parts. Today’s episode does have a lot of non-watch-related content for the first half. We discuss running shoes, tennis shoes, and new shoe releases. Then, we discuss our Handgelenkskontrolle, including the new Amiga Digitrend and a vintage Tissot Antimagnetique.


We’ve received some feedback that our shoe talk has ebbed dramatically. Some of you asked for a return, so we’re responding. Before discussing the Amida and the Tissot, we start with functional shoe talk related to running and tennis. Mike ponders why sneaker brands can’t use a classic form, such as a Stan Smith, and pair it with modern technology underneath. This would make it useable on the tennis courts. We bemoan the lack of recent compelling releases on the Nike SNKRS app and hope the situation improves.


The Handgelenkskontrolle is our main section today. Balazs kicks it off with the new Amiga Digitrend, a passion project that resurrects a wild watch from the ’70s. The periscopic “heads-up” display is back! This heavy steel watch has moved upmarket with a much better movement and a larger price tag. Balazs will return in a few weeks with a full review, but you can check out more on the official Amida website. Meanwhile, Mike is wearing a very different type of watch. It’s an early ’50s Tissot Anitmagnetique with a 37.5mm chrome case. Since Balazs published an article on his back in 2018, Mike has been on a quiet hunt. Finally, he located a lovely example at a nice price. The two discuss the watches in detail and how they offer great value.

We hope you appreciated today’s brief episode, and stay tuned for the second part next Tuesday.