Hello there! Welcome to a new episode of Fratello Talks. This week, we have decided to discuss a topic we often get asked about — gifting watches. Nacho, RJ, and Daan explore the topic, discussing to whom you should gift a watch and when it’s appropriate to do so. Of course, they also provide some examples from their experience and share some stories of times when they have given and received watches as gifts, the former being the more common occurrence. Finally, they also provide some recommendations for the kinds of watches you should consider if looking to give someone this special gift. After all, a watch is an exceptional gift that could potentially last someone a lifetime. So tune in for some solid Fratello advice on gifting watches. But, of course, before we get to that, let’s see which watches are on their wrists today.

Wrist check

We start with RJ, who is wearing a watch he neither received as a gift nor is in a rush to give as one any time soon. Of course, I’m referring to his Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo 11 50th Anniversary in Moonshine Gold (ref. 310. This is a watch that has become a bit of a signature on his wrist, and as special as it is, he doesn’t hesitate to wear it daily.

Speaking of signature watches, Daan is wearing his Cartier Santos Galbée XL 2823. Though Daan is the owner of many lovely watches, none are quite as synonymous with him as this particular stainless steel Cartier. Though it was not a gift (perhaps more so a gift to himself), it’s still a special part of his collection. You can read all about it here.

Finally, your host Nacho is on a bit of a Speedmaster kick. He has a tradition of wearing it every Tuesday, but it only sometimes manages to charm him away from some of his other watches for an extended period. He’s currently enjoying one such streak, and it’s all thanks to a simple, cheap, unbranded black NATO strap. This is a clear example of how a simple strap change can breathe new life into a watch.

gifting watches

Gifting watches

This is a question that often comes up. “I want to buy my (partner, child, or special someone) a watch; what would you recommend?” Well, the answer is not as straightforward as you might imagine. It’s at least complicated enough to fill an 35-minute podcast episode. There’s also plenty of nuance and no clear-cut solution. However, the guys still manage to rustle up some solid advice to those looking to give the gift of a watch, from avoiding several well-established faux pas to the keys to ensuring the watch is a hit with its receiver. Tune in to the episode to get all their insights!

Have you ever given or received a watch as a gift? Share your stories with us in the comments section below.

And, as always, tune in next week for a brand new episode of Fratello Talks.