Besides the typical diamond studded quartz watches, women seem to be into mechicals as well. At least, if we have to believe the marketeers at (for example) Zenith and Omega who launched ladies watches with mechanical movements.

TimeZone seems to jump into this with their Watch Woman forum! However, besides the ‘regular’ ladies Rolex Date-Justs, Omega Constellations, JeagerLeCoultre Reversos and Ebel watches, I see a lot of these female watchcollectors/fanatics wearing mens watches.

Anyway, as long as the ‘trend’ is big watches, I still see women wearing Rolex Sea-Dwellers, Submariners, Breitling and in some cases even Panarai 44mm watches. I do think they look cool on womens wrists, but what if the trend goes ‘smaller’ again? Back to ladies watches? Or will there be unisex watches in the same size?

Oh well, we’ll see. I have yet to see a woman wearing a mechanical Zenith or Omega Speedmaster ladies model.

  • Sheila

    My wrist is too small for a big watch. I would like a mechanical watch but certainly not a mens watch.

  • jean-michel

    my wife favourite watch is here Speedmaster reduced white dial (standard bezel without diamond) she wears it with casual suits , she prefers her Longine Dolce Vita for more formal suits
    she love to swap straps on her speedy to match the strap color with suits : bright blue sharkskin with a jean , tan hermes strap to match the color of a pullover …. 🙂