Hello, and welcome to this week’s episode of Fratello Talks. Today, we wrap up our Watches and Wonders 2024 coverage with a debrief episode featuring Nacho, Thomas, and Lex. The guys take some time to go over some brands (and their corresponding releases) that we missed in episode one. They also discuss the general mood of the show and how it reflects on the overall state of the watch industry today. Despite promises made several weeks ago, we recorded this one on a Friday afternoon, so you’ll also get your fair share of banter and jokes throughout. However, let’s first take some time to perform a mandatory wrist check.

Wrist check

Lex has opted to wear his lume-dial Chronoswiss Timemaster. This 44mm watch is genuinely distinctive, especially today when people gravitate towards smaller watches. Even the brand’s new offerings have aimed at a smaller size point. However, this Timemaster from the early 2000s is unapologetically bold and bright and features a sizeable onion crown to complete its unique look.

Up next is Thomas, who is wearing the VPC Type 37HW. As you likely well know, Thomas is the man behind VPC and the watch you see above, which he created with the help of designer Max Resnick in an effort to bring his vision for the perfect GADA watch to life. It’s no wonder that you’ll hardly ever see him op for any other watch. You can read all about the Type 37HW here.

Finally, Nacho, feeling a bit nostalgic, is wearing his Citizen Promaster NY0040. This was his first automatic dive watch and the first watch he ever took scuba diving. The watch accompanied him for his PADI discovery dive off the coast of Lanzarote in 2019, and it remained on his wrist throughout his formation up to the Advanced Open Water certification. As a result, it bears the battle scars of a dive watch well worn (some of which were already on there when he purchased it pre-owned for a mere €50). It doesn’t get as much wrist time these days as it once did, but, as you can see, it still makes the occasional outing.

Watches And Wonders

Watches and Wonders 2024 debrief

In this final episode to tackle this year’s Watches and Wonders show, we review some of the spots we missed in the first one. Brands like Panerai, Montblanc, Hublot, and IWC get a mention, and so do some of the smaller brands that showed their wares at the show. Be sure to tune in as we may have just covered one (or several) of your favorites!

Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments down below. As always, tune in next week for another episode of Fratello Talks!